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Start Blogging in 2020? My Reason for My Newfound Passion

Updated: May 9, 2022

Hi! I’m Jola. I’m a Christian, a creative designer, a great wife (I like to believe that) and mom to two adorable boys. I have a zest for life and a passion for creative design.

I wear many hats as a wife, mother, an entrepreneur and a graphic designer which enable me to explore various nuances of my skills, including beauty, fashion, and all things creative.

Like most of you out there I enjoyed going through the numerous blogs and vlogs and most have been extremely beneficial, providing me with practical help and info. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve gained a lot of insights and I felt compelled to return the favor.

This is how I ended up creating content as a blogger myself - the voice or the brain behind the camera and posts, sharing my interests for all the world to see.

Busy as I am, with hardly enough time to spare. The big question is WHY NOW?

A Clear 2020 Vision

Because this year 2020, amidst the lingering pandemic, has caused me to realize that life is precious and that I want to always be reminded of that fact.

I didn’t just want to bookend my life with birth and death. I wanted to create a legacy that would outlive me. A legacy of cherished memories and awesome ideas and experiences that would hopefully inspire others.

This was the year, when all of us were sort of forced to stay put and slow down lest we contract the virus. It was for many of us an eye opener as well. I took a step back and reflected on the life I’d lived so far.

I also took a good look at my social media timeline through the years (the only journal of sorts that I’ve had). I thought, “What was I so hurriedly chasing after all these years?” Pursuing success is fine but it felt like the years had gone past lightning fast, leaving me with nothing to show for it or nothing worth talking about. Nothing but fragments of memories that didn’t really capture the heart and soul of my life experiences.

And so it came to be, having started as a thought in my mind- the idea of making a blog where I could document meaningful anecdotes, inspirational stories and helpful hacks.

No more forgetting, regretting, or missing out on the little joys of life that actually matter much. I decided I was going to capture everything that means something and share it with whoever cares to learn, listen, and laugh along with me.

My cramped schedule as a Hong Kong-based business owner juggling home and work may make it seem like there’s little time left for me to do everything I set out to do.

But as they say, if your will and purpose are strong, you can bend time and space to make room for what you want.

Sharing away!

What do I want to share through my blog ? A lot! Many of which will cater to women and entrepreneurs and everyone who loves beautiful things.

As a designer, I will share about my design journey, projects, and dreams to create more eco-friendly designs.

As a woman, I will talk about my beauty routine, the current trends, my perspective on eco-friendly lifestyle for what it’s worth, and my newly developed keto diet.

As a wife and mom, the stories to share are an endless medley of warmth, humor, wisdom, wit, and then so much more.

So, join me as I rediscover again and again life’s beauty, even in challenging times. There’s so much to share and I can’t wait to have you on board!

Follow me. See you all there!

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