Elevate your Outfits with the Bold Glamour of Faux Fur

Putting together a winter wardrobe is the most fabulous thing to enjoy when the chilly season arrives. When the temperatures drop and it starts to snow (sadly not in Hong Kong) , it’s time to take out our big glamour guns: leather jackets and faux fur.

The fashion industry has come a long way in adopting and promoting animal-conscious and vegan fashion alternatives. Consumers all over the world are discarding and speaking out against animal cruelty, and at Happihood we reward conscious, vegan shopaholics with cruelty-free alternatives.

Our faux fur clothes are lovingly manufactured with polyester and technology-driven processes to curate products that are comfortable and offer the real-fur glamour. Our faux fur clothes allow fur lovers to flaunt the elegance and charm of this timeless material without the awful guilt of animal cruelty.

Keep reading to discover how you to play up your glamour with faux fur!

Night Out Statements

A faux fur staple is a perfect piece to elevate your night out statements with a bold aplomb. Whether you’re flaunting a sleek miniskirt with thigh-high boots or a glittery dress with shiny sequins. Faux fur will lend your outfit an understated appeal of ladylike elegance, and comforting warmth to keep you cozy against the cold.

Festive Charm

Red carpet events, weddings, and the hottest happenings on our social calendars require us to go above and beyond while putting together an outfit. We all hate to diminish the charm of our beautiful gowns and festive looks with trench coats and jackets. But faux fur is the perfect outwear staple that lends grace and sophistication to the overall look.

Whether you’re flaunting a dazzling jumpsuit with sharp tailoring, or a romantically ruffled dress; faux fur will work wonders at accentuating your charm and beauty.

Casually Chic

And why not? Faux fur doesn’t require a time and occasion, as this timeless classic is the perfect seal to any and every outfit. In fact, faux fur outwear is the ideal pick to give your casual looks and slept-in t-shirts, and effortless seal of chicness.

You can pair it up with high-waisted denim jeans and crop tops for a sassy winter-ready statement. Or flaunt it with your summertime maxi dresses to make those beauties functional for the chilly season.

There is an endless array of opportunities and style statements to flaunt the effortless elegance of faux fur. Short-sleeved fur looks sassy and chic, and it is intensely warm and comfortable. If you’re the kinda girl who cannot compromise warmth for glamour, this is just the outwear investment you need to make.

Faux fur comes without the horrid guilt of animal cruelty as it is a conscious effort by the fashion industry to be kind to nature and its inhabitants. At Happihood, we encourage our cherished customers to indulge in cruelty-free and consciously vegan glamour staples so they can revel in charm and feel beautiful.

Feel free to browse through our collections and scoop up our faux fur staples for a versatile and super-functional winter investment.

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