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Static Stay Wall Stickers

Amidst hectic lifestyle, our home is becoming like a workplace more than a place to enjoy and relax. HAPPIHOOD’s wall decals are designed to allow people to enjoy home life. Users can create their own pattern with the recyclable wall decals any time on any smooth surface without worrying the glue and stain!


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Having fun mixing and matching with different shapes and colours!


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This collection is inspired by Danish artist, M.C. Escher.


Hexagon Series

Have fun mixing and matching with different shapes and colours!

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The Mythical Garden


Flowers are fascinating, they blossom simply from sunlight and water. Their organic forms and features are beautiful and therapeutical to look at. Alas, we rarely have temperament to appreciate nature in our hectic lifestyles.


With these static stay wall stickers on your wall, a mythical garden magically emerges. The flowers are so appealing that invite fairies and legendary creature to come!


We hope this collection does not only bring you a beautiful wall with a modern touch, but also gives you serenity and nourishment.

mythical sticker-04.png
mythical sticker-05.png
mythical garden
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